Charles Howells & Juliet Taylor

I went to the AIPA‘s annual photography conference Image Nation in Auckland last weekend. There were a dozen speakers including a magazine art director, an advertising agency executive, digital creatives and all flavours of commercial photographer specialising in automotive, architectural, food, fashion, art, documentary and skate photography.
The incredibly talented, innovative and hard working fashion photographers Charles Howells and Juliet Taylor presented their work and discussed their working style on Sunday afternoon and it was fascinating to hear how differently they approached their shoots. Howells is a very quietly spoken and thoughtful man who told of being rather ‘cold’ with the models he shoots “they are professionals, there to do a job and so am I”. Taylor on the other hand appeared atop the highest of heels swathed in designer clothes and blood red lipstick. She showed footage from her shoots of her leaping around the studio with music blaring.
Two brilliant photographers with completely different ways of working and equally wonderful results. I would love to see shoots from both photographers featuring the same model.

Charles Howells

Juliet Taylor

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