Bill Owens

I bloody love the work of Bill Owens.

When I was studying in Bremen I came across his 1970s books ‘Suburbia‘ and ‘Leisure‘ which are wonderful.

What really makes the images for me are the quotes which accompany each image. Unfortunately none of the photographs on the web show these quotes so you will have to get the book out of the library. Or, if you have a spare £20 you will not regret buying Suburbia.

There is an good interview with Owens here:….dio-june-2-2007
which you can put on your ipod.

Interesting points are how he carries around little model release cards which he takes people’s email addresses on. Also about how he has a plan/script for shooting before going on trips. Reminded me a little of an interview I read with Alec Soth.

He talks about how he loves digital now and he’ll never go back to film. It may or may not be a coincidence that I love the photographs he made on film but think that his recent work is pretty ‘pub standard’.

Check out his recent work and weird movies here:

I also like that he runs a brewery and is the president of the American Distilling Institute!

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